Housekeeping, Concluding Chapter 1, and a Publication

Hello friends! We’re nearing the end of Chapter 1, and there are a couple of housekeeping items to address!

First, in the next few weeks, there will be a few updates to the site: a new banner, character bios, and a thanks and credits page (finally!). As an ADHD brain, I’ve been pushing off these needed changes under a wave of overwhelmedness–something I’m sure many of you can relate to.

Second, at the conclusion of each chapter, I’m going to be taking a two-week break from posting new pages here on the site. I will continue posting to Patreon as I finish pages, so if you want to read ahead, consider becoming a patron! But this break will allow me to re-center, build back any posting buffer I’ve lost, and be as meticulous with edits to the script as I am with edits to my short stories.

Speaking of short stories, one of mine is out in the world. “Follow Death” has been published in a truly amazing anthology, Trouble the Waters, edited by Sheree Renee Thomas, Troy Wiggins, and Pan Morrigan, available from Third Man Books (or your local indie bookseller)! It’s a truly amazing collection, and I’m stunned and haunted and left breathless by all the other tales included in it.