An Extended Break

Months of using a computer setup at a bad height for me has taken a toll: I seem to have developed a repetitive strain injury. Currently, using a mouse, typing at my desk, drawing, chopping veggies, opening jars, playng video games, and crochet all cause me a hefty amount of pain. This means I can’t do much of the work that has come to mean so much to me, nor can I turn to a lot of my destressing methods to blow off steam. It’s a bit demoralizing.

However, I do have doctor’s appointments and hopefully physical therapy lined up, and I’ve recalibrated my work desk, so that when I heal from this, I don’t reinjure myself doing the same old thing. Right now, I’m looking at 4-6 weeks of break.

Fortunately, I am leaving off the story at a point that makes for a good chapter break, therefore a chapter break it shall become. This is the kind of narrative that won’t let my brain rest, so i know I have to come back to it, or I will go mad. I can type using a handheld touch screen or a laptop set up on a stand at much different angle, so in the meantime, I will be making changes here on the site, and trusting in the human body’s regenerative capabilities.

Thank you for your patience!